About the Practice

GP Direct is a modern NHS GP practice serving over 23,000 patients in and around Harrow from two locations.  Our main site is at Welbeck Road in Harrow and we have a branch site at Eastcote Lane in South Harrow. 

GP Direct is a training practice with three GP trainers and have a team of around 20 doctors, nurses and other healthcare professionals. In addition to this we have a strong working relationship with other organisations such as the local hospital trusts, the local authority public health team and the voluntary sector who offer services such as dietetics and specialised diabetes care at the practice. The clinical team is supported by an excellent reception and admin team who ensure the smooth running of the Practice. 

The Practice has a five star overall rating on NHS choices by patients and also a very high rating for our telephone and appointment access. The Practice is at the forefront of technological developments with the aim of improving the patient journey and to that end we have a variety of options to book appointments or communicate with the Practice. Appointments can be booked online, via an automated telephone booking service around the clock, 24/7 (yes you can book an appointment by ringing at midnight) or via our receptionists and patients can request regular medication both online, by fax or in person and they can also message the Practice securely online. 

We understand illnesses can present at all times of the day and the night. If you get unwell during the night you can try and book an appointment on-line or via our automated telephone booking system with us for the following morning. We always keep some appointment slots unfilled to be used on the day. Please call the 999 if you are acutely unwell. If you are not sure if your problem can wait till the morning call NHS111 (on 1,1,1) and seek advice.

We offer a range of services beyond the scope of standard general practice which include extensive family planning services such as the fitting of coils and implant devices, joint injections, travel advice and vaccinations including Yellow Fever (some of which incur a charge as they are not covered by the NHS). We also offer a range of private medical services such as general medical examinations, examinations on behalf of insurance companies, at the request of solicitors and for the statutory needs of the DVLA or other bodies. 

The core service of offering our patients an accessible service with an appropriate clinician in a timely manner for a presenting medical complaint is at the heart of our service to you. The practice also provides a full range of nursing services including cervical smears, wound dressings, ear syringing and childhood and travel immunisations. We also offer regular reviews to patients with long term diseases such as Diabetes, Asthma and Heart Disease and have an in-house service for blood tests and ECGs throughout the week. 

If you would like to register with GP Direct simply complete the on-line registration process or collect a registration pack from any of our surgeries. Please check you reside within our catchment area first before starting the registration process.