This privacy notice explains why the GP Practice collects information about you, and how that information may be used

We aim to deliver the highest level of care and service to our patients at all times. However, if you have any feedback, we welcome your suggestions and complaints. You can: Put a note in the suggestion box available at our reception desks (or hand in your complaint to the receptionist for the attention of […]

Follow these instructions to make sure the pulse oximeter gives an accurate reading: Before you start make sure you: Remove any nail polish or false nails Warm your hand if cold. Have been resting for at least five minutes before taking your measurement. Once you have done the above: Rest your hand on your chest […]

Child Death Helpline Telephone helpline for anyone affected by the death of a child Telephone: 0800 282986 The Compassionate Friends Helpline: 0845 123 2304 Cruse Bereavement Care Helpline for bereaved people and those caring for bereaved people Telephone: 0870 167 1677 National Association of Widows Support for women who have lost a husband or partner […]

BCG vaccine is given to those babies who are likely to come into contact with someone with tuberculosis (TB). This includes babies who live in an area with high rates of TB or babies with parents or grandparents from a country with high rates of TB.