Request Private Medical Services

This service is for registered patients of GP Direct only.

To request a letter, please complete our online form.

The standard turnaround time for letters / medical reports is 10 working days from receipts of payment.

The turnaround time for urgent letters is 5 working days from receipt of payment.
Please note if you select an urgent letter you might not get the clinician of your choice.

NHS sick notes are only provided for absences of greater than seven days from work. Self certification forms should be used for situations where you have been off work for less than seven days. 

We no longer countersign passport application forms and photos as the guidance from the Passport Office has changed. For more information please click here.

Please note when collecting medical information, valid photo ID will be required.

We endeavour to complete your requested letter or report within the advertised timeframe but this might not always be possible.
This could be due to staff absences, busy periods or unforeseen circumstances. If a delay is encountered with your request we will be in contact.

Fees for Non NHS Services
(not all services are covered by the NHS and therefore a charge will apply as below)
Standard Fee
(10 working days from receipt of payment)
Urgent Fee
(5 working days from receipt of payment)
Private sick note for the first 7 days of illness      £30.00
Private prescription (non NHS drug and anti-malaria)£20.00
Holiday cancellation certificate£40.00
Fitness to travel certificate£40.00
Simple Provident Association claim form (e.g. BUPA, PPP)£60.00£75.00
Housing letter / Private Letter / TWIMC£40.00£60.00
Statement of Fact letter (No Medical info)  
     One patient£20.00£30.00
     Each additional patient£5.00£5.00
Any requested doctor’s letters              £40.00£60.00
School health report (OFSTED) / Child-minder Form£75.00
Reply to solicitors’ letter – fees to be advised by individual doctors
Medical Examinations  
Medical examination (HGV, Taxi, Travel) £120 per 1/2hour *
Medical Examination for Adoption/Fostering (Agency only)£120.00*
Medical examinations (for insurance purpose only)£150.00*
Private ECG£75.00
Private Cryotherapy£75.00
Power of Attorney* 
     One form  (40 min App)£200.00*
     Two forms  (40 min App)£300.00*
     Plus Home Visit£50.00*
Driving licence application£40.00
Sports Medicals 
Sports medical with report*£120.00*
Examination for scuba diving*£200.00*
Examination for fitness to participate (<18)*£50.00*
Certificate of fitness (without examination)*£40.00*
Fitness to attend school£30.00£45.00
Meningitis vaccination and certificate ACWY£50.00
Road Traffic Accidents (RTA) appointment – (*no charge when accident is more than one day ago or patient seen by another medical professional)£21.30

Please consult the Medical Reports Team for any service not listed above.

*Missed examination appoitment

If you miss your examination appointment, there will be an extra fee of 50% of the original charge to rebook the appointment