Childrens Services (Immunisations and checks)

You’ll usually be contacted when your child is due for a routine vaccination or check. This could be by a letter, text or phone call.

Baby clinic and postnatal checks

  • 8 Week Check and 1st immunisations: every baby has a health check from one of our experienced baby clinic GPs. Usually Dr Sarika Shah or Dr Farhana Dudhia. In addition mums are given a postnatal check. This is done at eight weeks, usually on the same day as your baby’s 1st immunisations. 
  • Childhood immunisations: we only insist on the first immunisations being given during the baby clinic, the following immunisations can be given during the nurses’ regular sessions. For more information of the NHS vaccination schedule click here.


It’s important that immunisations are given on time for the best protection, but if your child missed a vaccine, book an appointment with one of our Nursing Team to catch up.

Your baby/child can still have their immunisations if:

  • they have a minor illness without a high temperature – such as a cold
  • they have allergies, asthma, eczema or food intolerances
  • they were born prematurely

You can book a telephone consultation with one of the nurses if you would like to discuss this further before coming for your appointment.

Immunisation tips for parents

Unveiling the Truth about Vaccination 

Vaccines play a crucial role in safeguarding your health, acting as powerful tools against serious illnesses.

Why opt for Vaccination? 

Vaccines act as a robust defense mechanism, preventing harmful germs from causing illness. Picture it as armor shielding you from diseases like measles, rubella, and mumps – the superheroes of your immune system. 

What’s at Stake? 

Recent spikes in these illnesses are cause for concern. Vaccination acts as a formidable barrier, displaying a bold “No Entry” sign to these germs, reducing the risks significantly. 

Debunking Myths

Not a shred of truth! Extensive research by experts has debunked any link between vaccines and autism. It’s as baseless as claiming that eating ice cream causes rainfall – simply unfounded. 

Incorrect! Vaccines are both safe and essential for maintaining good health. While they might cause a slight discomfort, it’s a sign of the vaccine diligently fulfilling its superhero duty. 

Unfortunately, that’s a misconception. Vaccination is like a training session for your immune system, improving its ability to combat threats. 

 Why Vaccination Matters: 

Neglecting vaccination is like entering a battlefield without essential gear. The potential consequences, such as catching serious illnesses like pneumonia or meningitis, underscore the importance of getting vaccinated. 

Voices of Real-World Champions: 

I ensured my daughter got vaccinated, and she enjoys robust health!
Sarah, a vigilant parent
“I had concerns initially, but my doctor provided a detailed explanation of vaccine safety. Today, my son is thriving and healthy!”
Ishmael, a concerned parent. 

Seeking further clarification? 

If you are still unsure, consult our knowledgeable medical professionals. Dial 02085159300 to schedule a face to face or telephone consultation or request a consultation through PATCHS. Rest assured; our experts are well-versed in keeping you protected against harmful germs. Your health is our priority! 

Perinatal Wellbeing Workshop

Are you finding the early stages of parenthood challenging? Feeling stressed and can do with some support? Then these workshops are dedicated to you

At Harrow Talking Therapies we are a team of passionate experienced therapists who provide extensive emotional support to the community. Our perinatal group will focus on how to manage your mental health whilst caring for your little ones. We’ll discuss the power of self-care and the importance of worry management and sleep hygiene during this transitional period. Please feel free to come along to your preferred group for further information about our simple referral process.

To sign up visit:
For any enquiries:
Call: 0208 515 5015

TB, BCG and your Baby

BCG vaccine is given to those babies who are likely to come into contact with someone with tuberculosis (TB).

This includes babies who live in an area with high rates of TB or babies with parents or grandparents from a country with high rates of TB.

For more information please visit:

Health Visiting Team 

The heath visiting team can be accessed at walk-in centres throughout Harrow, click here for up-to-date information on the Harrow health visiting service.

They off a walk in weighing service and advice

The recommended times for routine weight check for your baby are:

  • Birth
  • First Week (usually done by the community Midwife)
  • 6-8 weeks
  • 12 weeks
  • 16 Weeks
  • 1 year
  • 2 year                                                     

If you have any concerns about your baby’s weight please discuss this with your Health visitor

Harrow’s Early Support Children’s Centres

Early Support Hubs are community based sites. They incorporate the nine children’s centre sites and one youth centre. These hubs are the point of contact for early support. They provide information, advice and guidance, and access to evidence-based provision delivered by the council’s skilled staff and partner agencies.