Patient Participation Group

We have a Patient Participation Group (PPG) which meets on a regular basis to discuss the key practice issues, areas for improvement and they are involved in key decisions that the practice makes. If you would like to get involved with the PPG please contact our practice manager or use our contact form.

Next scheduled meetings:


Minutes of past PPG meetings:

Highlighted minutes of last PPG meeting:

Agenda TopicDiscussion / Information
How is everyone?The practice manager greeted all and asked how they are managing through COVID- 19.  
Klinik SoftwareGP Direct has rolled out a new software called Klinik Access for request handling. We are encouraging our patients to use this to submit their request 24/7 at their own convenience and pace. This can be accessed from our website via PC, tablet or phone. The process itself is user friendly and adaptable to changes to suit our business needs. Once requested, a case goes through a sorting and triage process. We’ve had good feedback from some of our patients. A couple of queries from the group: – Does not ask appropriate questions – i.e. COVID specific –  auto direct request to 111 or 999  
Minutes of last meetingChair took us through minutes of last meeting; covering PCN feedback, internal signage and Cervical Screening (smear) Campaign.  
Update from the ChairChair is still actively involved with HPPN and PCN meetings which are carried out using Zoom. They discuss and action important issues affecting patients and the system, including COVID-19.  Chair to provide written updates on these items.  
Next  MeetingAgreed with the Chair to discuss this with secretary and propose next meeting agenda with dates.  

Full minutes of previous PPG meetings: