National Day of Reflection – Message from Practice Manager, Samantha Sharkey

Dear Patients,

My thoughts, prayers and condolences to all of our patients, members of our local community along with our own team members who have suffered either directly or indirectly with COVID19 over this last year. Absolutely nothing could have prepared us for what we have all experienced so far. Normal day to day activities became
governed by rules, our freedom in general became restricted and we have been separated from those who we love.

There is an almost endless list of changes we have experienced. The daily news painfully informs us of the UK death rate along with how the pandemic continues to spread across the world. There is of course hope in sight with the rollout of the vaccination programme however I’m mindful of the impact the pandemic has had and continues to have on all of us.

On this national day of reflection I would not only like to pay homage to our colleagues across the NHS and emergency services, who we have all relied so heavily on, but also to our very own team here at GP Direct who have worked continuously through the last year ensuring high quality services are maintained to our patients. This has and continues to be a challenging time for us all, we are here to support and provide care to our patients however my plea today is to also please be mindful that our team members, who are here to support you, have also been living through the pandemic.

Samantha Sharkey

Practice Manager