Stay Healthy This Winter

Stay healthy this winter by following these tips

  1. Get your flu jab and COVID Booster when invited
  2. Keep warm-both outdoors and indoors 
  3. Eat the rainbow-fruit and veg of different colours every day
  4. Take a vitamin D supplement
  5. Keep active, even if indoors, and get some time outdoors in daylight hours if you can, for example, take a brisk walk
  6. Visit your pharmacist for advice when you are suffering from a common illness
  7. Keep well-stocked with over counter medicines to help with coughs and colds
  8. If you have a cough and cold: rest, keep warm, drink plenty of fluids and take painkillers such as paracetamol and ibuprofen. Click here for handy advice about colds and flu, including when to seek medical help
  9. If you have a tummy bug, rest and drink plenty of fluids. Stay off work or school for 48 hours after the symptoms finish. Try to stay away from other people who could catch the virus from you, particularly older people and children. 
  10. Look after your mental wellbeing-here is some helpful advice:

NHS – Five steps to mental wellbeing

Solent | Mind – Winter Wellbeing

For further advice on staying well this winter, click here