The NHS is very busy responding to the coronavirus pandemic and at certain times the practice may need to prioritise patients with the most urgent health needs. If you have a health issue that isn’t urgent, advice is available on the NHS website, the NHS app or you can speak to your local pharmacist. If […]

We understand that sometimes your circumstances might have changed and you may no longer be able to attend your appointment. We ask for as much notice that you can give us so we can offer this appointment to another patient. Please see below for the different ways to cancel your appointment: Call us on 0208 […]

Home visits are only offered to housebound patients or those in our opinion considered too ill to attend the Surgery. To arrange a home visit, which should be requested before 11am if possible, please telephone our switchboard number and explain to the receptionist that you feel a home visit is required. The receptionist will ask […]

The website offers a few options available to smokers who want to quit, these include: Specialist advice from the national Smokefree website; millions have used the Smokefree support to help them stop smoking Download a Smokefree app such as or Smoke Free by Dave Crane. Both apps are available for Apple and Android devices as are many […]

High Cholestorol Folate (Folic Acid) Iron Reducing the risk of Type 2 Diabetes Vitamin B12 Vitamin D