What can I do online?



NHS England have issued guidance to GP practices about the use of online appointments in relation to the current coronavirus outbreak. They have advised GP practices to remove the ability to make online bookings for face to face appointments with GPs and to restrict appointments available with GPs online to telephone appointments. This is to ensure that patients can have their issues safely discussed on the phone before deciding whether they need to come in and only when it is safe to do so. We have also temporarily restricted the use of our automated telephone appointment booking service for the same reasons.


Did you know that  you don’t have to wait on the phone to speak to your GP surgery? Just like online banking, you can book appointments, look at your GP records and request repeat prescriptions on a computer, a tablet or a smartphone, using a website or an app. 

You can choose to

  • Book and cancel appointments with your doctor online, when it suits you.  All of our pre-bookable appointments (up to 4 weeks in advance) with the GP are available to book online including same or next day appointments *
  • Order repeat prescriptions online. Some patients have found that they save money and time as they don’t need to make a special trip to their surgery to order repeat prescriptions. 
  • Look at part of your GP records online. You can look at your records whenever you want, even from the comfort of your home, and find answers to questions you may have without ringing your doctor.** 

* Subject to availability    ** Access to medical records will need to be requested 


Use the Evergreen Life website to:

  •  Book an appointment
  •  View Medical Records                        
  •  Download app for mobile device          
  •  Order repeat prescriptions
  •  View test results
  •  Communicate with the GP practice

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Use the Patient Access website to:

  • Book an appointment                             
  • View Medical Records                           
  • Download app for mobile device  
  • Order repeat prescriptions
  • View test results
  • Communicate with the GP practice
  • Nominate pharmacy

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